The Oakley Arctic Challenge 2010

Most event reports start with a bit of a plan. A plan of knowing where to be and at what time, and some sort of idea of the angle or theme to base the report on. In contrast, this report has ended up to be a mash of unplanned and ill-timed events with a few too many over-priced beers thrown in.

I traveled down with my girlfriend from further north in Norway to Oslo on the Friday, which meant I was already to miss the qualifiers of The Oakley Arctic Challenge and a chance to check out which riders were looking good for the weekend ahead. So with that fact quietly brushed aside, we caught a taxi to the riders' hotel that evening in downtown Oslo to meet up with the Method boys and head to a "brown pub", as they so inelegantly call them in Norway (basically, just like any old pub you get in England), for a few drinks which inevitably turned into more drinks... y'know the story.