The Aussie effect: Norway's growing surf culture

A child of Australia’s rich surf culture, Seamus Fox was brought up in Wollongong, on the east coast of the country, an hour south of Sydney. He first rode horses and subsequently asked his dad for a motorbike for his eleventh birthday, but instead received a surfboard. This was the turning point for a kid who was to work throughout his teenage years at his local surf shop, Skipp Surf, run by one of the founders of surfing on the east coast.

Growing up in a surf shop laid the foundations and values he believes in today, now running in Oslo. With a trusty team of passionate Norwegian surfers, including his shop assistant and friend Espen Odén Evertsen, he has brought his Australian influences to a country far away both in geographic and cultural terms.

Norway, and especially around the coastal regions of Oslo, is still relatively new to surfing on a grand level like Australia, but it is gradually building a scene of its own, such as in the cold waters of Saltstein where Seamus and his crew frequent.

Tom Lenartowicz sat down for Hja! with Seamus and Espen to chat about what’s happening within the scene and industry, why Seamus made the leap to the Nordics… and what does Espen think about having an Aussie boss?


Photo: Jostein Nilsen

Photo: Jostein Nilsen