My Silvretta Diary: a satirical account of ski mountaineering

My dad is a keen ski mountaineer. I grew up skiing from a young age, and switched to snowboarding in my teens. Though I had only ever ridden resorts with my dad and not experienced backcountry ski mountaineering/touring. I finally got my chance in March-April 2013, when we took a trip to the Silvretta Alps which cross between Austria and Switzerland. Joining us was my dad's friend and knowledgable climber, John Nuttall, and my Norwegian friend, Espen Øverdahl.

I hadn't done much skiing for a few years, but I quickly got back into the swing of it. Overall, we spent 10 days traveling and touring, while I documented the trip with some writing, scribbles and photos. It was a fantastic experience, and I'm keen to do more in the future – perhaps next on a snowboard or split-board.

I included my diary entries and photos from the trip into a basic HTML website I designed called My Silvretta Diary. For some reason I thought it would be funny to put it together in a satirical way, as though it was designed by an out-of-touch outdoor-oriented company, based somewhere in Europe, called Mountainnieergin design eleganse and write the text in very badly broken English.