Life of a snowboarder: an interview with Danny Larsen

To have an understanding of what makes up the qualities of a stereotypical snowboarder is to understand there are no set qualities that makes a stereotypical snowboarder. Snowboarding’s eccentric, creative and historically punk culture is testament to this: the ideals are so open that it would be antithetical to begin devising a list of traits.

Danny Larsen sits perfectly, somewhere, within this set of non-ideals. As a professional snowboarder revered within the core of the international snowboard scene, his loosely-termed job description allows him to represent himself and his sponsors in the way he sees fit. From the outside, that fit – or more so his “brand image” – is of a dark metal-inspired, Viking-like man; staring deathly into the camera after stomping some crazy manoeuvre off an Oslo city wall.

Beyond the lens, Danny shows a genuine love for the influences he portrays. But furthermore, his views and stories, alongside a showcase of his artwork, undoubtedly dispel any box-ticking theory, as revealed in this in-depth interview.


Photo: Darrell Mathes

Photo: Darrell Mathes