Gin delight: the tale of Chair one year on

It’s 2 o’clock in the afternoon, and I’m at Chair with Richard, the Hja! photographer. Erkan Yelkenci, the young Turkish owner of the bar, has just opened up for us and changed into a smart shirt and tie.

As the culture in Norway goes, it’s a bit early on a Monday to be drinking. However, given the sophistication and politeness of our host, we’re asked if we’d at least like a snitt“No, I’m going swimming after this,” says Richard. “You won’t drown, y’know…” replies Erkan, as we all laugh.

Having assumed his barman role, Erkan hands us our mini beers and continues: “In Turkey, the best part of swimming is actually the drinking part before… We get mad drunk and jump off the pier into the cold water!”

Is that where he got the inspiration to start his bar? Erkan laughs, “No no, the cocktail culture over there is yet to sink in.”


Erkan Yelkenci | Photo: Richard Ashton

Erkan Yelkenci | Photo: Richard Ashton