Internasjonal Dugnad Oslo


Visual identity and print templates for Internasjonal Dugnad Oslo (IDO). 

IDO is the Oslo division of the Norwegian organisation, Internasjonal Dugnad, which supports students and other people in attending community projects around the world. The term dugnad refers to a common practice in Norway of undertaking voluntary work of importance to a community or an individual.

There was zero budget for this project, so the process of creating the identity and producing material needed to be as cost-effective as possible. Much like the principals of dugnad, it seemed natural to establish a concept and brand system based upon limited resources with which its users can be creative and hands-on. This method also allows for varied styles within a structured system, which represents the new and different cultures that IDO's participants experience.



The logo is the primary element of the identity and features on all applications and material. It needed to be an instantly recognisable mark among communication that is otherwise hand-rendered in many cases. The logomark consists of simple elements which together spell "IDO" and create a strong circular form that reflects the organisation's global connection. Furthermore, the logotype uses Courier Regular due to its association with typewriting and "pen-pal" letters – a form of communication that transcends across the world.

The logo is applied using a stamp or pre-set in a template.

Poster templates

Templates for A4 and A3 posters were made so the user can print a standard layout which offers a simple way to structure the hierarchy of information. Along with the logo and supporting divide lines and symbols, the user creatively fills the blank space with the required content. A supply of yellow paper allows the user to print the necessary amount of posters; either creating multiple originals (perhaps as a group) or photocopying one version.

Other material

Business cards, envelopes and letterheads complete the print material, which are customised by the user, utilising the logo stamp, the Mac/Windows-default Courier Regular font, hand-rendered lettering and other options such as splatters of yellow paint.